William Pollock
State University


The Question(s) of Political Knowledge
by Jason Barabas, Jennifer Jerit, William Pollock, and Carlisle Rainey. American Political Science Review, Vol 108 (4), 2014. [PDF]

Studying Media Events in the European Social Surveys Across Research Designs, Countries, Time, Issues, and Outcomes
by William Pollock, Jason Barabas, Jennifer Jerit, Martijn Schoonvelde, Susan Banduccic, and Daniel Stevens. European Political Science, Vol 14 (4), 2015. [PDF]

Manipulated vs. Measured: Using an Experimental Benchmark to Investigate the Performance of Self-Reported Media Exposure
by Jennifer Jerit, Jason Barabas, William Pollock, Susan Banducci, Daniel Stevens, and Martijn Schoonvelde. Communication Methods and Measures, Vol 10 (2-3), 2016. [PDF]

Model Selection in Observational Media Effects Research: A Systematic Review and Validation of Effects
by Martijn Schoonvelde, Susan Banducci, Daniel Stevens, Jason Barabas, Jennifer Jerit, and William Pollock. Political Science, Vol 69 (3), 2017. [PDF]

Working Papers

Lowering Expectations: How Candidate Demeanor Affects Voter Attitudes
by William Pollock [PDF]

Projection in Directional Voters
by William Pollock [PDF]